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Phrasal Verbs 1

Study the phrasal verbs below and choose the correct one to complete each sentence. break down (stop working - a machine), get in (enter - cars, taxis), break up (separate), get on (enter - buses, trains, planes),break in (enter a building by force), get down (move from a higher to a lower place, turn away (face in a different direction, move in (start to live in a new home, turn up (appear or arrive), move off (start on a journey), turn off (switch off), move away (move to a different area),

  1. I'm sorry I'm late. The bus __________________ on the way to College.
  2. When the bus stopped it was already full so we couldn't ________________.
  3. We waited for Luis for 45 minutes before he _____________________.
  4. Sami and Leila have found a new flat but they haven't ____________________ yet.
  5. We showed the driver our tickets, found our seats and then the bus _________________.
  6. The dog jumped on the sofa and she shouted, "_____________!".
  7. I ______________ for a moment and when I looked again she had disappeared!
  8. The burglars ______________ through the bathroom window and took the TV, video and stereo.
  9. She _______________ her car and drove away.
10. Don't forget to ___________________ the lights when you go to bed.


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