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Prepositions of Time

Use the following prepositions of time to complete the sentences below: at on in for since during by until

  1. Sara has gone away. She'll be back _____ a week  
  2. I couldn't understand what they were saying because everybody was speaking ____ the same time.  
  3. I have to finish all my homework _____ the end of the week.  
  4. Salim saw Sandra on Friday but he hasn't seen her ______ then.  
  5. Daudi is always late for lessons. He never comes _____ time.  
  6. We're having a barbecue _____ Friday and hope that you can come.  
  7. Ali was so tired that he fell asleep _________ the film.  
  8. My birthday's ____ September. When's yours?  
  9. I won't get paid ______ next Friday.  
10. I waited for you ______ 2 hours in the rain!  

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