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Present Perfect 1

Write the correct form of 'have' and the past participle of the verb in brackets to complete the following present perfect sentences. Use the full form.

  1. Mohamed can't find his keys. He (lose) them.  
  2. Jose's English is much better now. He (make) excellent progress.  
  3. Sahra doesn't buy cigarettes any more. She (give up) smoking.  
  4. Ali was cleanshaven last term but now he isn't. He (grow) a beard.  
  5. Mireya isn't here now. She (go) home.  
  6. Waleed went away yesterday but he's here now. He (be) to Brighton.  
  7. Lula and Ermil have some exciting news. They (get married).  
  8. Ana can't write because her arm is in plaster. She (break) it.  
  9. You can't do the Pitmans exam because you are late and it (start).  
10. I'm sorry but I can't give you my homework because I (not do) it.  


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