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Present Perfect or Past Simple?

Choose between the present perfect or past simple forms of the verbs to complete the sentences.

  1. "Where's your travel card?" "I don't know. I __________ it.
  2. I meant to phone Ana last night but I _____________ .
  3. Look at the ambulance over there! There _____________ an accident.
  4. The police ______________ three suspects but later they let them go.
  5. When I was a child I ________________ swimming every day in the summer.
  6. Did you hear about Sue? She _____________ 1,000,0000 in the lottery last week.
  7. Did you hear about Sue? She ___________ her flat and moved into a beautiful house.
  8. Do you think I _______________________ my English?
  9. The lift still isn't working. They _______________ it yet.
10. My parents ________________ in London.


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