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Gerund (-ing) or Infinitive?

Complete the sentences using the verb in brackets, either in the infinitive or gerund form.

  1. How old were you when you learnt __________ (speak) English?  
  2. I can't decide on the red or blue shirt - I keep __________ my mind.  
  3. I don't mind _________ (wait) for you if you want to finish your homework.  
  4. Remember _____________ (bring) your assignment to class tomorrow.  
  5. I hope _________ (be) rich by the time I'm 40 years old!  
  6. I went to Brixton market __________ (buy) some fruit and vegetables.  
  7. Tap water in London tastes horrible. I would avoid ________ (drink) it if I were you.  
  8. I've stopped _______ (cycle) to work and now I'm getting fat.  
  9. I thought I had 40 but there's only 25 in my pocket. I don't remember ________ (spend) 15.  
10. In court today, a man denied ________ (steal) 200 worth of books from W.H.Smiths in Streatham.  


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