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Present Perfect Two - already, just, yet

Choose the best word to complete the gaps.

  1. "Would you like something to eat?" "No thanks, I've _________ had lunch."
  2. "Have you finished your homework _________?"
  3. "What time is Pilar leaving?" "She's ____________ left."
  4. Are you going to make dinner?" "No, I've ___________ made it. It's in the oven!"
  5. "Are we too late to see the film?". "No, it hasn't started ________."
  6. I need to take the Intermediate exam because I've ____________ taken the Elementary.
  7. "Do you know where Mauricio is?" "Yes, I've _________ seen him in the Library."
  8. "Why isn't Simone coming to the cinema with us?" "She's __________ seen the film."
  9. "Have you tidied your room _____?" "No, not ______. I'll do it in a minute."
10. You have ________ completed the first nine questions.


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