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Elementary Grammar
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Activities For ESL Students - A lot of online activities by different teachers.
Interesting Things - Quizzes, word games, grammar fun and other interesting things.
CROSSWORDS - Practice English with crosswords puzzles.
AN ELEMENTARY GRAMMAR - Handouts for ESL students.
The Quiz Centre- This web site has 75 interactive quizzes.
English - - Write a silly story. A very interesting web site to practice parts of speech.
ONLINE DICTIONARIES - Online dictionaries, translators and references.
Basic internet Dictionary - 70 internet words with definitions and sound.
Cambridge Dictionaries - Free online search. Enter the word and find its definition.
Ectaco Online Dictionary - English to Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Farsi, French, German,
Rhyming Dictionary - Type a word and get a list of the words that rhyme.
Dictionary of Computing - A very useful web site for learning words related to computing.
News English - Read, listen and learn English language through global stories.
Vocabulary Quizzes - Quizzes prepared by the teachers around the world.
Vocabulary exersises - A useful site to learn vocabulary based on topics.
Phrasal Verbs and Slang
Idioms. A useful site .
Dave's ESL slang page - English slang, explanations and examples.
A Dictionary of Slang - English slang and colloquialism used in United Kingdom.
Idiom Quizzes - A useful site to learn idioms. Examples and explanations.
Phrasal verbs - Practice phrasal verbs. Mini lessons with quizzes.



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